Fast Fit Tray Stand 3 Ft X 6 Ft

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Effortlessly Assemble Your Hydroponic System with Fast Fit® Tray Stand

Are you tired of fumbling with complicated tray stand assembly? The Fast Fit® Tray Stand is here to revolutionize the way you set up your hydroponic system. With its heavy-duty construction and quick assembly design, you can have your stand up and ready in just 5 minutes or less, without the need for any tools.

Accommodates All Popular Tray Brands

The Fast Fit® Tray Stand is designed to accommodate all popular inside dimension trays and reservoirs from brands such as Flo-n-Gro®, Duralastics®, Botanicare® and more, making it the perfect choice for any hydroponic setup.

Durable Construction for Lasting Support

The 3 ft x 6 ft stand is made with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting support for your hydroponic setup. It can hold up even under heavy loads, so you can focus on your plants instead of worrying about your stand collapsing.

Easy-to-Adjust Height

The overall height of the Fast Fit® Tray Stand is 25 inches, with a height of 18 inches from the bottom bar to the floor without casters. This design allows for easy height adjustments and the perfect setup for your hydroponic system.

Large Dimensions for Ample Space

The Fast Fit® Tray Stand boasts an impressive 79 inches in length and 41.25 inches in width, with inside dimensions of 77 inches by 39.25 inches. This ample space provides room for your trays and plants to flourish without feeling cramped.

Get Yours Today

Upgrade your hydroponic setup with the Fast Fit® Tray Stand. With its quick and easy assembly, durable construction, and ample space, you'll have everything you need to grow your plants to perfection. Order your stand today and get started on your hydroponic journey.

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