Botanicare Original Grow Trays End Tray - 4ft W x 2ft L - Black

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Botanicare® Grow Mod Tray System - 4 Foot: Durable and Customizable Hydroponic Grow Trays

Looking for a reliable and versatile hydroponic grow tray system that can withstand even the most demanding growing conditions? Look no further than the Botanicare® Grow Mod Tray System!

Heavy-Gauge ABS Construction for Long-Lasting Performance

Crafted from heavy-gauge ABS, these durable grow trays resist bowing, cracking, and leaking, so you can grow with confidence. Whether you're using drip, ebb and flow, or lettuce raft growing methods, these trays are built to last.

Flexible 4.5-Inch Sidewalls for Maximum Growing Flexibility

With sidewalls that are 4.5 inches high, these hydroponic grow trays provide greater flexibility and adaptability. Use them for a wide range of growing applications, including drip, ebb and flow, or lettuce raft growing, and achieve the best results possible.

Customizable Widths and Lengths for Your Unique Growing Needs

Choose between 4- or 5-foot widths and extend the length from 10-foot 6 inch to 100-foot 6 inch in 5-foot increments, to best suit your greenhouse or other growing space. With this level of customization, you can create the perfect growing environment for your plants.

Easy Plumbing Access with Drain Screen and Punch-Outs

A drain screen with 3 punch outs make access to plumbing lines easy, so you can maintain your hydroponic system with ease. And with 16.75 feet of seams per sealant (4 ft - 3.7 seams, 5 ft - 3 seams), you can rest assured that your hydroponic setup will remain secure and leak-free.

Experience the Ultimate in Hydroponic Growing with Botanicare® Grow Mod Tray System - 4 Foot

Ready to take your hydroponic growing to the next level? Order the Botanicare® Grow Mod Tray System today and experience the ultimate in durability, flexibility, and customizability. Your plants will thank you for it!

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