Botanicare 3'L End Gutter Tray Black

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Enhance Your Growing System with Botanicare® Gutter Trays: The Ultimate Solution for Improved Air Circulation and Efficient Irrigation Integration

Experience the cutting-edge innovation of Botanicare® Gutter Trays, meticulously designed to revolutionize your growing system. These trays not only increase air circulation potential but also come with integrated irrigation accessories for streamlined and efficient irrigation integration. Crafted with superior materials and thoughtful engineering, these trays provide a reliable and organized solution for your cultivation needs.

Superior Airflow Design

Botanicare® Gutter Trays are thoughtfully designed with gaps between trays, creating 23% more space for enhanced airflow compared to our Botanicare OG Trays. The increased air circulation potential ensures a healthier growing environment for your plants, promoting optimal growth and minimizing the risk of moisture-related issues. Grow with confidence, knowing that your plants are benefiting from improved air exchange.

Premium Quality Construction

Crafted from heavy-gauge ABS plastic, Botanicare® Gutter Trays are built to withstand the demands of modern cultivation. This high-quality material resists bowing, cracking, and leaking, ensuring the trays maintain their structural integrity over time. With Botanicare® Gutter Trays, you can cultivate with peace of mind, knowing that your trays are durable and reliable.

Modular Design for Customization

Just like the original trays, Botanicare® Gutter Trays are designed for modularity, allowing you to create custom lengths to suit your specific growing setup. Combine Drain, Middle, and End Trays to tailor the trays to your unique requirements, providing flexibility and versatility in your cultivation space. Customize your layout and maximize your growing potential with ease.

  • Drain Tray - 5ft 6in
  • Middle Tray - 5ft
  • End Trays - 2ft, 3,ft, 4ft and 5ft
Seamless Integration and Retrofitting

Whether you want to retrofit your current Botanicare Slide Bench setup or upgrade to Gutter Trays with a new bench purchase, the transition is seamless. Botanicare® Gutter Trays are designed to integrate effortlessly into your existing system, offering a hassle-free upgrade option. Take your cultivation to the next level with the improved functionality and performance of Gutter Trays.

Make the Switch Today

Ready to make the switch to Botanicare® Gutter Trays? Reach out to your dedicated sales representative today for assistance with your conversion. Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and successful transition. Upgrade your growing system and experience the benefits of Botanicare® Gutter Trays for yourself.

Optimize your growing system and elevate your cultivation results with Botanicare® Gutter Trays. Enhance air circulation, achieve efficient irrigation integration, and enjoy the durability and flexibility of these premium trays. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your cultivation space. Contact your sales representative today to make the switch and unlock the full potential of Botanicare® Gutter Trays.

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