HydroLogic® HyperLogic® Low pH Cleaning Powder - 25lb Pail

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The Ultimate Solution for Membrane Scale Build-Up

What is Hyper-Logic Low PH Cleaning Powder?

HyperLogic Acid (low Ph) Membrane Cleaning Powder is a powerful cleaning agent that is specifically formulated to remove Calcium Carbonate, Hardness, Iron, and mineral scale build-up from Industrial and Heavy-Industrial Series RO membranes.

How Does It Work?

By using Hyper-Logic Low PH Cleaning Powder as part of your regular membrane cleaning routine, you can extend the life of your membranes and improve their performance. This will result in higher Permeate production and optimal salt rejection.

When Should I Use It?

You should consider using Hyper-Logic Low PH Cleaning Powder if your RO is exhibiting lower Permeate flow or lower salt rejection than normal. It should also be used as part of your site's SOP (standard operating procedure) for HyperLogic systems.

How Do I Use It?

Please refer to your RO's Operational Manual or included instructions for use and handling care details.

How Much Do I Get?

This product comes in a 25lb. pail.

Don't let scale build-up hinder the performance of your RO membranes. Try Hyper-Logic Low PH Cleaning Powder today and experience the difference!

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