John Guest 2-Way Splitter - 3/8 in QC (Pack of 10)

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Simplify Your Hydroponic System with the John Guest 3/8 in QC 2-Way Splitter

Upgrade your hydroponic system with the versatility and convenience of the John Guest 3/8 in Quick Connect (QC) 2-Way Splitter. Designed to cater to the needs of hydroponic enthusiasts using the TallBoy™ system or any other system requiring 3/8 in tubing, this splitter allows for seamless integration of multiple reservoirs. Streamline your hydroponic setup and achieve efficient water distribution with ease.

Effortless Reservoir Expansion

With the John Guest 2-Way Splitter, expanding your hydroponic system to accommodate multiple reservoirs is a breeze. Designed for use with the TallBoy™ system and other systems utilizing 3/8 in tubing, this splitter enables hassle-free connection and splitting of water flow. Experience the convenience of expanded reservoir capacity and optimize your hydroponic setup according to your needs.

Quick and Secure Installation

The John Guest 2-Way Splitter features a user-friendly quick connect design, making installation a straightforward process. No need for complex tools or extensive plumbing knowledge. Simply connect the splitter to your existing 3/8 in tubing, and you're ready to enhance your hydroponic system's performance. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secure and reliable connection.

Enhanced Water Distribution

Achieve efficient water distribution in your hydroponic system with the John Guest 2-Way Splitter. By connecting multiple reservoirs, you can evenly distribute water to your plants, ensuring optimal hydration and nutrient delivery. Experience improved plant health and growth as you take advantage of the enhanced water distribution capabilities offered by this splitter.

Versatility for Various Systems

The John Guest 2-Way Splitter's versatility extends beyond the TallBoy™ system. It is compatible with any system that requires 3/8 in tubing, providing flexibility in integration with a wide range of hydroponic setups. Whether you're using a different system or planning to upgrade in the future, this splitter offers compatibility and adaptability to suit your evolving needs.

Upgrade your hydroponic system and streamline your water distribution with the John Guest 3/8 in QC 2-Way Splitter. Effortlessly expand your reservoir capacity, thanks to its quick connect functionality. Experience easy installation and secure connections that ensure reliable performance. Enhance your hydroponic system's water distribution and achieve optimal plant growth.

Order the John Guest 2-Way Splitter today and unlock the potential of your hydroponic setup.

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