Evolution-RO Chlorashield®

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Hydro-Logic® Chlorashield Membranes - Get Pure Water with No Chloramine

Remove 100% of Chloramine from City Water

Hydro-Logic® Chlorashield membranes are specifically designed to remove chloramine from city water, ensuring you get pure water that is safe for consumption and gardening. With its advanced technology, Chlorashield membranes can effectively filter out 100% of chloramine from the water, giving you peace of mind.

High-Quality Membranes with Exceptional Dirt Holding Capacity

Made in the USA, Hydro-Logic® Chlorashield membranes are of high quality and come with a low-pressure drop combined with exceptional dirt holding capacity. You can rest assured that you are getting a product that is reliable and effective in filtering out impurities from your water.

Multiple Options for Different Systems

Hydro-Logic® Chlorashield membranes are available in different sizes, each designed for specific systems. The HGC728772 is for Evolution-RO systems (20 in x 2.5 in) and should be replaced after 2,500 gallons. The HGC741668 is for TallBoy systems (20 in x 2.75 in) and should be replaced after 6,000 gallons. The HGC741640 is for PreEvolution systems (10 in x 4.5 in) and should be replaced after 7,500 gallons. Lastly, the HGC741700 is for smallBoy/Stealth-RO systems (9.75 in x 2.75 in) and should be replaced after 1,500 gallons when used with Stealth-RO systems and 3,000 gallons when used in smallBoy systems.

Long-Lasting and Efficient

Hydro-Logic® Chlorashield membranes are long-lasting and highly efficient in removing chloramine from your water. With its excellent filtration capabilities, you can be sure that your plants are getting the purest water, which is essential for their growth and health.

Enjoy Clean Water Every Day

Say goodbye to chloramine and other impurities in your water with Hydro-Logic® Chlorashield membranes. With its exceptional filtration technology, you can enjoy clean and pure water every day, whether for drinking or gardening.

Get your Chlorashield membranes today and experience the difference.

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