Botanicare® Grow Trays CT Middle Tray - 8ft x 4ft - White

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Maximize Your Hydroponic Setup with Botanicare® CT Trays

When it comes to hydroponic growing, a customized setup is key to success. Botanicare® CT Trays are designed to provide just that. These customizable grow trays are made from durable ABS plastic that can withstand the rigors of hydroponic growing.

Customize Your System with Versatile Hydroponic Grow Trays

The sidewalls on these trays are 2.5 inches high, making them an ideal height for environments with drip irrigation. With a wide range of lengths available, you can customize your system to fit your unique setup. Choose between 4-foot (1,200 mm) and 5-foot (1,500 mm) widths, and combine a Drain and End Tray to create an 8-foot-long span. Or add 4-foot and 8-foot Middle Trays to create sections 12, 16, 20, or 24 feet long and beyond, to equip your greenhouse or indoor growing space with a fit that's as efficient as it gets.

Secure Your Setup with Botanicare® Bond Three White Sealant

To ensure your hydroponic setup remains secure and leak-free, use Botanicare® Bond Three White Sealant. Each container yields 16.75 feet of seams, with 3.8 seams for 4-foot trays and 3.1 seams for 5-foot trays. This sealant is specifically designed for use with Botanicare® CT Trays, making it the perfect complement to your hydroponic setup.

Invest in Botanicare® CT Trays for a Customizable Hydroponic System

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all hydroponic setup. Customize your system with Botanicare® CT Trays and enjoy the benefits of a system that's tailored to your specific needs. Invest in these versatile and durable hydroponic grow trays today and take your hydroponic growing to the next level!

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