Botanicare® Cocopro Cube 6x6x6 (Case of 30)

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Botanicare® CocoPro™ Cube - Consistent and Scalable Substrate for Your Plants

Looking for a substrate that provides a consistent ratio of air and water throughout each cube, and promotes healthy root systems in your plants? Look no further than Botanicare® CocoPro™ Cube.

Thoroughly Washed and Buffered Coco Fiber for Optimal Plant Growth

Our CocoPro™ cubes contain a high-performance blend of thoroughly washed and buffered coco fiber, pith, and husk. This ensures that your plants receive the perfect amount of oxygen, moisture, and nutrients for optimal growth.

Breathable Fabric Cover for Increased Oxygen Levels

Our breathable fabric cover promotes air/gas exchange, increasing the oxygen levels in your root zone. This helps your plants grow stronger and healthier.

Excellent Water Drainage for Faster Dry-Down Times

Our CocoPro™ cubes provide excellent water drainage, allowing for faster dry-down times. This helps prevent over-watering and encourages natural pruning and branching for a healthy root system.

Consistent and Scalable Substrate for Commercial Grow Facilities

Our CocoPro™ cubes are made from renewable and compostable coco husk, making them a sustainable choice for your commercial grow facility. They are designed to provide consistent results for all your plants, saving you time and money in the long run.

Pre-Drilled Indentation for Easy Planting

Our CocoPro™ cubes feature a pre-drilled indentation, making it easy for you to plant your plants. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your growing operation.

Upgrade your plant growth with Botanicare® CocoPro™ Cube - the consistent and scalable substrate for commercial grow facilities. Get your CocoPro™ cubes today and see the difference in your plant growth!

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