Pure Blend Pro Soil 55 Gallon (California Only)

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Optimized for Soil Container Gardening

Botanicare® Pure Blend® Pro Soil is a specially formulated blend for cultivating fruiting and flowering plants in soil. The unique 1-4-5 formula is specifically designed for soil applications, with increased levels of phosphorous to support healthy growth and abundant blooms.

High Phosphorous Formula

Unlike hydroponics, soil container gardens often require higher levels of phosphorous to support the growth and development of fruiting and flowering plants. That's why the 1-4-5 formula in Botanicare® Pure Blend® Pro Soil is specifically designed to provide the necessary levels of phosphorous for optimal plant health.

Contains Essential Nutrients

In addition to phosphorous, Botanicare® Pure Blend® Pro Soil also contains a blend of essential nutrients that help support strong and healthy plant growth. These nutrients include:

Easy to Use

Using Botanicare® Pure Blend® Pro Soil is easy! Simply mix it into your soil container garden according to the instructions on the package and watch your plants thrive.

Try Botanicare® Pure Blend® Pro Soil Today!

Growers and experts alike recommend the Pure Blend® Pro Soil for its effectiveness and ease of use. Whether you're growing cannabis, vegetables, or ornamental plants, this soil blend is sure to help you achieve the best possible results. Don't wait any longer to give your plants the nutrients they need to succeed. Try Botanicare® Pure Blend® Pro Soil 1 - 4 - 5 today and experience the difference it can make in your soil container garden!

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