Harvest Right Home Pro Freeze Dryer - Medium White

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The Medium Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - Your Gateway to Extended Freshness

Introducing the Medium Harvest Right Freeze Dryer – a game-changer in preserving your favorite foods. With patented technology, keep your meals, fruits, meats, dairy, and desserts tasting as fresh as the day they were prepared, and that too for an astounding 25 years! Don't let your food's authenticity fade; lock in its taste, texture, and nutrition today.

Optimal Home Freeze Drying

With the ability to freeze dry up to 1,600 pounds of fresh food annually, you're looking at 10-15 pounds per batch. Be it seasonal produce or your grandmother's special stew, preserve it to perfection.

A Year's Worth of Assurance 

The numbers speak for themselves. With the capability to freeze dry 390 gallons of food in a year, ensure your pantry is always stocked with preserved delights for any situation.

Simplicity at its Best

A product designed with you in mind. Initiating the freeze-drying process is as straightforward as pressing start. A beep signals the end, meaning perfectly preserved food every time.

Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Output: No more dreading complex maintenance routines. A quick one to two-minute process to filter and replace the oil is all the care your machine needs to remain in peak condition.

Comprehensive Kit for the Modern Homemaker

The package is complete with a range of indispensable tools. Alongside the medium freeze dryer, enjoy the benefits of the premier vacuum pump, stainless steel trays, a detailed guide to freeze drying, and much more.

Don't Wait! 

Step into the future of food preservation. With the Medium Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, freshness doesn't have an expiry date. Secure yours now and relish the preserved perfection for years to come!

Harvest Right
18" W x 21.25" D x 28.5" H
Food Per Batch
Fresh: 7-10 LBS | Freeze Dried: 1.5-2.5 GAL
Food Per Year
Fresh: 1,450 LBS | Freeze Dried: 312 GAL
Freight Shipping Required
Hazardous Material
Manufacturer's Warranty
3 Year
Number of Trays
4 trays
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