Harvest Right Large Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

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Harvest Right™ Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer Large - Preserve the Potency, Color, Shape and Nutrition of Any Organic Material

Patented Technology

Harvest Right's patented technology is designed to keep the product fresh and preserve the potency, color, shape and nutrition of any organic material. Whether you're freeze drying herbs, candy, oils, medicines, remedies, pharmaceuticals or compounds, this technology guarantees that your final product will retain its potency and quality.

High Nutritional Value Retention

Freeze drying is a gentle and effective method of preservation that retains up to 97% of the nutritional value of the original product. With a 25-year shelf life, this freeze dryer is perfect for long-term preservation of a wide range of organic materials.

Built-in Intelligence

The freeze dryer is equipped with advanced technology that automatically manages the freeze drying process to perfection. The built-in intelligence ensures that the temperature, humidity, and pressure are all controlled to provide optimal preservation of your product.

Large Capacity

The freeze dryer has 10.25 sq ft of tray space and a shelf unit with shelves for 8 trays and 6 L of ice capacity, making it ideal for large scale operations. Whether you're running a commercial operation or preserving a large batch of organic materials, this freeze dryer is equipped to handle it all.

Easy Maintenance

The freeze dryer is designed for easy maintenance, with only the need to filter and replace oil. It comes standard with a 7.2 CFM vacuum pump and 1 quart of vacuum pump oil. The overall product dimensions are 22.5 in W x 25.5 in D x 32.5 in H and shipping weight is 274 lbs.

The Harvest Right™ Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer Large is the ultimate solution for preserving the potency, color, shape, and nutrition of organic materials. With patented technology, high nutritional value retention, built-in intelligence, and large capacity, this freeze dryer is a must-have for any business. 

Order yours today and take the first step towards a more efficient and profitable operation.

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