Super Sprouter® AirMax™ Tray Insert - For Super Sprouter® Dome and Tray Kits

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Maximize Cloning Success with Super Sprouter® AirMax Tray Insert

Outstanding Drainage and Aeration

Super Sprouter® AirMax™ Tray Inserts are specially designed to provide outstanding drainage and aeration to clones grown in Grodan Stonewool A-OK Starter Plugs™. The mesh tray inserts allow for high levels of oxygen to enter the root zone, helping to maximize root growth and minimize damping-off in young clones and seedlings.

Elevates Plants for Proper Drainage

The AirMax™ Tray Insert elevates plants above the propagation tray’s bottom surface, allowing excess water to run off and holding plants above standing water. This helps to avoid oversaturated roots and promote proper drainage and airflow, ultimately leading to healthier and stronger plants.

Clear Visibility to Root Development

The low profile of the AirMax™ Tray Insert provides clear visibility to root development and unrestricted access to cuttings for proper care and monitoring, without disturbing delicate plants. You can easily monitor the progress of your clones and make any necessary adjustments to their environment.

Easy to Use and Clean

Super Sprouter® AirMax™ Tray Inserts are easy to use and clean. Simply insert them into your cloning tray and add your Grodan Stonewool A-OK Starter Plugs™. After use, rinse the inserts with water and allow them to dry before storing them for future use.

Invest in Your Cloning Success Today

Maximize your cloning success with Super Sprouter® AirMax™ Tray Inserts. By providing outstanding drainage and aeration, elevating plants for proper drainage, providing clear visibility to root development, and being easy to use and clean, the AirMax™ Tray Insert is an essential tool for any serious grower. Invest in your cloning success today and see the difference for yourself!

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