Duralastics Id Tray 4 Ft X 8 Ft - White

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Durably-Built Duralastics® Trays for Effortless Growing

Do you want to grow your plants with ease and without worrying about maintenance? Then you'll love the Duralastics® Trays! Made in the USA with 80% recycled ABS plastic and virgin ABS cap, these trays are not only durable, but eco-friendly too.

Eco-Friendly Material

This tray is a responsible choice for both the environment and your plants. The use of recycled ABS plastic and virgin ABS cap makes this tray a smart choice for growers who are concerned about sustainability.

Easy-to-Clean Design

Cleaning your trays has never been easier! With a unique drainage grid, the Duralastics® Trays allow you to effortlessly clean away build-up without struggling with sharp corners.

Accurate Water Level Indicator

Never worry about over or under-watering your plants again! The built-in water level indicator helps you easily identify the fill level in the trays, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

USA-Made Quality

When you buy Duralastics® Trays, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product made in the USA. These trays are designed to last, and will provide you with years of growing success.

Maximize Your Harvest with Confidence

With the Duralastics® Trays, you can focus on growing your plants, not maintaining your trays. With easy-to-clean design, accurate water level indicator, and USA-made quality, you can maximize your harvest with confidence. Order yours today!

Outside Dimensions:

  • 2x4 Tray: 54.25in x 30.25in x 7in
  • 3x3 Tray: 42.75in x 42.75in x 7in
  • 3x6 Tray: 43.00in x 79.00in x 7in
  • 4x4 Tray: 54.25in x 54.25in x 7in
  • 4x8 Tray: 54.25in x 102.5in x 7in
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