Sunshine Mix # 4 Aggregate Plus Bale 3.8 Cu Ft (22 Pallets / 30/Plt)

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Consistent Results Guaranteed: Sunshine® Mix #4 Aggregate Plus

Proven Results from a Trusted Industry Leader

Want to ensure the best possible results for your cannabis grow? Look no further than the Sunshine® Mix #4 Aggregate Plus from Sun Gro Horticulture, a trusted industry leader in professionally formulated growing mixes.

High Air Capacity and Fast Drainage for Optimal Cannabis Growth

This mix is specially formulated for cannabis plants, with ingredients chosen to provide optimal air capacity and fast drainage, essential for cannabis growth. It's recommended for situations where frequent leaching is required or for cannabis plants that are sensitive to water and salt. The mix includes Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite, a starter nutrient charge (with gypsum), dolomitic limestone, and a long-lasting wetting agent, all carefully chosen to provide the best environment for your cannabis plants.

Long-Lasting Wetting Agent for Optimal Moisture Retention

The Sunshine® Mix #4 Aggregate Plus also includes a Starter Nutrient Charge which is a specially formulated blend of essential plant nutrients that promotes stronger and healthier cannabis plants right from the start. And with the inclusion of a long-lasting wetting agent, the mix helps to retain optimal moisture levels, ensuring that your cannabis plants have the right amount of water they need to thrive.

Don't leave your cannabis plants' growth to chance. Choose the Sunshine® Mix #4 Aggregate Plus from Sun Gro Horticulture and give your cannabis plants the perfect mix for optimal growth and yield. Order your Sunshine® Mix #4 Aggregate Plus today and experience the difference in your grow.

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