Sunshine Advanced Mix # 4 - 3 Cu Ft Compressed (Pallet of 35)

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Grow Like a Pro with Sunshine Advanced Mix #4

Professional-Grade Formula

Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 is specially formulated for professional growers, but it's easy enough for beginners to use. It contains a blend of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite, coconut coir, and an organic starter nutrient charge that work together to provide the perfect growing environment for your plants.

Enhanced Root Development

The mix is complemented with multiple strains of mycorrhizae, an organic wetting agent, and other essential nutrients that promote a strong and healthy root system. The mix improves root aeration and drainage, while also retaining moisture, which helps your plants to better resist stress.

Perfect for All Plant Types

This mix is suitable for a wide range of plants, from vegetables and fruits to flowers and herbs. It's a versatile blend that can help you achieve the desired results, regardless of what you're growing.

Trusted by Professional Growers

Sunshine is a trusted name in the horticulture industry, and Advanced Mix #4 is used by professional growers worldwide. This product has been tested and proven to deliver excellent results, so you can trust that your plants will be in good hands.

Order Now and Unleash the Potential of Your Plants

Don't wait any longer, order Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 today and see the difference it can make in your plants' growth and development. With its professional-grade formula, enhanced root development, and versatility, your plants will thrive like never before. Order now and unleash the true potential of your plants.

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