Floraflex 6" Potpro Pot (1 = 100/Pack)

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FloraFlex® PotPro™ Cube & Pot

Space and Time-Saving Solution

The FloraFlex® PotPro™ Cube (HGC760524) is a hydrated coco cube that is a ready-to-use medium, saving you space and labor time. Simply place the 6 in PotPro™ Cube into the PotPro™ Pot (HGC760526), hydrate with your nutrient solution and water, plant your plant, and top it with a 6 in FloraCap®.

Easy to Use

The PotPro™ Cube and Pot are designed for easy use. Simply place the cube in the pot, hydrate, plant, and top with a FloraCap®. This simple process means you'll be ready to hand feed in no time.


The PotPro™ System is ready for automation. By attaching (2) FloraClips to your FloraCap® and using FloraTubing to connect your plant to your Quick Disconnect Pipe System Bubbler, you can let the PotPro™ System take care of your plants, making your grow operation even more efficient.

High-Quality Materials

The PotPro™ Cube is made of hydrated coco, and the PotPro™ Pot is made of durable plastic that can withstand the demands of a busy grow operation.

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Make your grow operation more efficient with the FloraFlex® PotPro™ Cube & Pot. Order now and take the first step towards automation and ease of use!

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