Supernatural Gro Terra 10 Kg

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Unlock Exceptional Plant Growth with Supernatural® Gro Terra® 20 - 20 - 20

Unleash the full potential of your plants with Supernatural® Gro Terra® 20 - 20 - 20. Designed specifically for the vegetative stage, our premium blend of essential macroelements and microelements will help your plants thrive like never before.

Promote Healthy Plant Growth

With our unique blend of 20% Nitrogen, 20% Phosphorus, and 20% Potassium, your plants will have everything they need to grow strong and healthy.

Essential Macro and Micro Elements

Our specially formulated mix of essential macro and micro elements will provide your plants with all the nutrients they need to develop properly, including Nitrogen for leaf growth, Phosphorus for root growth, and Potassium for overall plant health.

Made for the Vegetative Stage

Gro Terra® 20 - 20 - 20 is specifically designed for the vegetative stage of plant growth, ensuring that your plants have the perfect balance of nutrients at the right time.

Ideal for a variety of plants

Whether you're growing vegetables, herbs, or flowers, our versatile formula is perfect for a wide range of plants.

Experience the difference today!

Don't settle for average plant growth. Experience the difference with Supernatural® Gro Terra® 20 - 20 - 20 and give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive. Order yours today!

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