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Supernatrual Nutrients Bundle

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Bundle Includes:
HGC717310 - Supernatural Bloom Aqua 2.26 kg
HGC717330 - Supernatural Gro Aqua 2.26 kg
HGC717350 - Supernatural Super Boost 2.26 kg
HGC717360 - Supernatural Bud Blaster 500 gm

Used during the flowering stage in hydroponics to promote beautiful blooms, Bloom Aqua® contains essential minerals and trace elements to support vigorous flowering. Bloom Aqua® also contains 8% calcium, which allows you to use Bloom Aqua® without a calcium supplement and have healthy vigorous flowering growth.

Used during the vegetative stage in hydroponics to promote healthy plant growth, Gro Aqua® contains essential macroelements and microelements needed for proper plant development.

Used to promote rooting, late flowering and ripening, Super Boost® uses high-quality ingredients critical to plants in the late stages of the growth cycle.

Used to promote increased flower size and quality, Bud Blaster® ensures a strong final ripening stage.

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