Emerald Triangle G-10 2.5 Gallon

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Increase Bud Size with Emerald Triangle's G 10 0 - 0 - 0.6

Boost Your Yields with G10

G10 (Gravitation #10) is a game-changing nutrient supplement that takes your plants to the next level. Unlike traditional Gravity formulas, G10 is specifically formulated to increase the size and mass of your flowers, giving you bigger, more bountiful yields.

The Science Behind G10

G10 is a unique blend of nutrients and growth regulators that work together to enhance the size and mass of your flowers. The formula is specifically designed to improve the efficiency of your plants' metabolic processes, promoting healthy growth and development. It contains a balanced ratio of macro and micronutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, as well as secondary nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Additionally, G10 is fortified with a variety of growth regulators that promote cell division and elongation, leading to larger, denser flowers.

Versatile Use

G10 can be used in all stages of the growth cycle, from vegetative to flowering. For best results, we recommend using it in conjunction with other nutrients and supplements, such as Deep Breath and Sonic Bloom. This will ensure that your plants have all the necessary nutrients to achieve optimal growth and development. Additionally, G10 can be used with all types of growing mediums, including soil, coco, and hydroponics.

Safe and Effective

G10 is safe and easy to use. It is free of harmful chemicals and PGRs, making it suitable for all types of grow operations, including organic and conventional. Additionally, G10 is highly concentrated, so you only need to use a small amount to achieve the desired results.

Unmatched Results

When used as directed, G10 will deliver unmatched results. You can expect bigger, more bountiful yields with larger, denser flowers. Additionally, G10 will improve the overall health and vigor of your plants, leading to a more resilient and vigorous crop.

Order Now

Don't wait, order your Emerald Triangle G 10 0 - 0 - 0.6 today and experience the difference that G10 can make in your yields. With its powerful blend of nutrients and growth regulators, G10 is sure to boost your harvests like never before. Place your order now and start reaping the benefits!

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