Hyper-Logic Standard Anti-Scalant 45 Lb Jug

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HyperLogic Anti-Scalant for RO Systems

What it does:

Our HyperLogic Anti-Scalant Concentrate is a powerful and effective solution for inhibiting Calcium Carbonate scale build-up in Commercial, Industrial, and Heavy-Industrial RO systems.

How it works:

By using our HyperLogic Chemical Injector Systems in conjunction with the Anti-Scalant, you can prolong the life of your RO membrane and save money on water softeners. The Chemical Injector also helps to reduce system downtime and waste caused by the Softener regeneration process.

How to use:

Be sure to dilute this product before use and follow the instructions in your HyperLogic Owners Manual for the proper dilution and injection ratio. Store in a temperature-controlled environment and use within 1 year of opening. Empty, clean, and refill the Chemical Injector tank monthly for optimal performance.

Key features:
  • Phosphorous-free formula
  • NSF-certified for use in drinking water treatment
  • 45lb jug for easy handling and storage

Don't let scale build-up ruin your RO system! Try HyperLogic Anti-Scalant Concentrate today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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