Hyper-Logic Membrane Cleaning Cartridge 20 In X 4.5 In Alkaline Organics Removal

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Hyper-Logic - Membrane Cleaning Cartridge-20" x 4.5" - Alkaline Organics Removal

Maximize Membrane Life

Regular membrane cleaning is crucial for maintaining the life of your Hyper-Logic system's membrane. With a regiment of regular cleaning, you can achieve optimal salt rejection and increased permeate production.

Maintain Optimal Performance

By incorporating membrane cleaning into your site's standard operating procedure, you can ensure that your RO system is performing at its best. Indicators of a dirty membrane include lower permeate flow, strong odors, or mold growth on the membrane scroll end.

Easy to Use

The Hyper-Logic Membrane Cleaning Cartridge is simple to use. Each cartridge is 4.5" x 20" and intended for single use. Refer to your RO's operational manual or included instructions for proper use and handling.

Formerly HyperLogic HL 11917

This product was previously known as HyperLogic HL 11917, but has been updated and improved for better performance and ease of use.

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Don't let a dirty membrane negatively impact your RO system's performance. Order the Hyper-Logic Membrane Cleaning Cartridge today and ensure optimal performance and long-lasting membrane life. Order Now and get the best performance of your RO system!

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