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Get Connected and Improve Crop Performance with Bluelab® Connect Product Suite 2

Transform your crop management with Bluelab® Connect Product Suite 2 - the ultimate solution for remote monitoring and data-driven decision-making. With its cutting-edge wireless technology and range extender, you can receive and send monitoring data within your growing environment wirelessly, ensuring that you are always connected to your crops and can respond immediately to changes.

Remote Monitoring and Data-driven Decision Making

With Bluelab® Connect Product Suite 2, you can receive wireless monitoring data from all Bluelab Connect devices to your computer and smartphone or tablet. This enables you to remotely monitor your growing environment and crops, and make data-driven decisions to improve crop performance and reduce errors.

Push Notifications for Immediate Response

The product suite offers important push notifications on your mobile device, so you can respond immediately to changes in your growing environment, support growing decisions, and improve crop performance.

Extended Wireless Range for Large Growing Facilities and Environments

Bluelab® Connect Product Suite 2 has a wireless range of up to 400m/1312ft in open space (line-of-sight). Moreover, you only require one Connect™ Stick 2 to receive wireless data from up to 50 Connect™ devices. By using the Bluelab® Connect™ Range Extender 2, you can send Bluelab Connect wireless data further in large growing facilities and environments.

Connect Stick 2 and Connect Range Extender 2

Bluelab® Connect Product Suite 2 is easy to set up and use, with only one Connect™ Stick 2 required to receive wireless data from up to 50 Connect™ devices. Moreover, multiple Bluelab® Connect™ Range Extender 2s can be used for extra-long distances. When paired with Connect Stick 2, the Connect Range Extender 2 can increase the wireless range between Bluelab Connect devices and the computer by up to four times.

Take Charge of Your Crop Management Today

Join the countless growers around the world who have transformed their crop management with Bluelab® Connect Product Suite 2. With its easy setup, cutting-edge wireless technology, and range extender, you can take charge of your crop management and improve crop performance like never before. Invest in Bluelab® Connect Product Suite 2 today and see the difference for yourself!

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