Quest Supply Duct Kit - Quest Dual 110 / 150

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Quest Dual 110/150 Supply Duct Kit: A Solution for Improved Air Flow

Boost Your Indoor Garden's Air Quality

The Quest Dual 110/150 Supply Duct Kit is a must-have accessory for those who want to take their indoor garden to the next level. With its ability to attach a limited amount of duct work to the intake of your Quest Dual 110 and 150 Dehumidifiers, you can now locate the unit outside of your indoor garden, keeping it away from damp and humid environments.

Easy to Install and Seal

The kit comes with two 10-inch duct collars, screws, and foam to help you securely seal the unit, ensuring the air quality of your indoor garden remains unaffected. The optional plate provided in the kit can also be used to block air from one side, depending on your specific needs.

Complement Your Dehumidifier's Performance

For maximum air quality and dryness, it's essential to also purchase the Return Duct Kit (#310783 or #310785) to attach duct work to the air outlet and send dry air back into the garden. This 10-inch flange fits the Quest Dual 110 and 150 Dehumidifiers only, making it a great solution for those looking to enhance their indoor garden's performance.

Order Your Quest Dual 110/150 Supply Duct Kit Today!

Don't settle for an indoor garden with mediocre air quality. Get your hands on the Quest Dual 110/150 Supply Duct Kit and see the difference for yourself. Order now and enjoy the benefits of improved air flow and a cleaner indoor garden environment.

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