Uvonair CD Inline Duct Ozonator 8 in - 1 Cell

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Eliminate Odors Safely and Effectively with the Uvonair® CD-800 Inline Duct Ozonator

Powerful and Versatile Treatment for Up to 20,000 cu ft

The Uvonair® CD-800 Inline Duct Ozonator is a powerful and effective way to eliminate odors from a variety of spaces. With its 8 in (20cm) design, it is perfect for use in ventilation systems up to 20,000 cu ft (600 m³). It can also be easily adapted for use in other size ducts.

Safe and Effective Odor Elimination

The Uvonair® CD-800 uses ozone to safely alter the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, effectively eliminating odors. This powerful and safe method of treatment is perfect for use in commercial settings where odors may be a concern.

Adjustable Output for Customized Treatment

The adjustable output of the Uvonair® CD-800 allows you to customize the treatment to your specific needs. Simply monitor the exhaust air for odors and adjust the output accordingly for the best results.

Easy to Install and Use

The Uvonair® CD-800 is easy to install and use, making it a convenient and effective choice for eliminating odors in your space.

For Commercial Use Only in Unoccupied Areas

Please note that the Uvonair® CD-800 is intended for commercial use only in unoccupied areas.

Don't Let Odors Take Over Your Space - Try the Uvonair® CD-800 Today!
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