Uvonair CD Inline Duct Ozonator 12 in - 3 Cell

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Eliminate Odors with the Uvonair CD-1200 Inline Duct Ozonator

Powerful 3-Cell Ozone Generator for 12 Inch Ducts

Looking for an effective way to eliminate odors in your commercial space? The Uvonair CD-1200 Inline Duct Ozonator is the solution you need. This powerful ozone generator is designed to treat odors being exhausted by a 12 inch ventilation system, making it ideal for use in rooms up to 100,000 cubic feet.

Safe and Effective Odor Elimination

Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive microorganisms to eliminate odors at the source. With the Uvonair CD-1200, you can enjoy fresher, cleaner air in your commercial space without the use of harsh chemicals or fragrances.

Easy to Install and Adjust

Installing the Uvonair CD-1200 is easy - simply connect it to your 12 inch duct using the included adapters. And with its adjustable output, you can fine-tune the ozone output to match your specific odor elimination needs.

For Commercial Use Only in Unoccupied Areas

Please note that the Uvonair CD-1200 is for commercial use only in unoccupied areas. This ensures the safety of your employees and customers, while also ensuring maximum effectiveness of the ozone generator.

Get the Uvonair CD-1200 Today and Enjoy Fresher, Cleaner Air!
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