Can-Filter M5 Can Industrial Unit W/ 20 In Max-Fan

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Eliminate Odors and Maximize Airflow with the Can-Filter® M5 Industrial Unit

Powerful Filtration for Industrial Spaces

The Can-Filter® M5 Industrial Unit is specifically designed to effectively remove odors and maintain high airflow in industrial spaces or greenhouse environments. With 3509 CFM of clean air on only 4.8 Amps, 240 V, the M5 is powered by the 20 in Max-Fan® and can handle even the toughest of air quality challenges.

20 Pieces of Can-Lite™ 9000 Filters

The M5 uses 20 pieces of the Can-Lite™ 9000 filters, which easily connect to the unit with twist style Bayonet mounts. The Can-Lite™ 9000 filters are specially designed to remove odors and pollutants from the air, making them a perfect complement to the M5's powerful fan.

Easy to Maintain

The M5 comes fortified with a locking, insulated (sound proofed) maintenance door that opens the way to an extremely clean and easy to work with enclosure. This makes it easy to change filters and perform other routine maintenance tasks.

Compact and Versatile

The M5 unit is very compact in design, making it easy to stack or mount in a variety of locations. Its versatility makes it a great option for a variety of industrial spaces and greenhouse environments.

Order now and Experience Clean Air Quality

Don't let odors and poor air quality negatively impact your industrial space or greenhouse environment. Order the Can-Filter® M5 Industrial Unit now and experience the difference that powerful filtration can make in the quality of your air. Please note that Can-Lite™ filters are not included with this fan and must be purchased separately.

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