Can-Filter 50 w/ out Flange 420 CFM

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The Can-Filter®: The Best Carbon Filter on the Market

Introducing the Can-Filter® - the most effective carbon filter on the market for controlling VOCs, odors, and other gaseous contaminants. With a thick, granular carbon bed, the Can-Filter® is the "biggest sponge" for removing pollutants and ensuring a long lifespan.

Proven Packed Bed Design

Our packed bed design has been trusted and tested for over 30 years, providing consistent performance and low pressure drop.

Thick, Granular Carbon Bed

At 2.5 inches, the Can-Filter® has the industry's thickest carbon bed, effectively removing contaminants and extending the filter's lifespan.

Excellent Value and Confidence

With a conservative 0.1 second contact time, the Can-Filter® provides excellent value and confidence in its effectiveness.

Control VOCs and Odors

The Can-Filter® is specifically designed to control VOCs (such as paint fumes and hydrocarbons), as well as odors and other gaseous contaminants.

Time Tested and Trusted

The Can-Filter® has been trusted and tested for over 30 years, setting the standard for long life and consistent performance.

Don't settle for less - choose the Can-Filter® for the best results. Order yours today!

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