Super Sprouter Propagation Tray 10 X 20 W/ Holes (Case of 100)

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Super Sprouter® Propagation Trays - Perfect Solution for Healthy Seedlings and Clones

If you're a gardener or grower looking for the best way to propagate your plants, the Super Sprouter® Propagation Trays are the answer. These trays are available with and without holes, making them versatile and perfect for any propagation method.

Start Healthy Seedlings with Super Sprouter® Trays

The Super Sprouter® Propagation Trays are designed to promote healthy seedling growth. With raised channels incorporated in the base of the trays, air circulation is improved and the pot or insert tray stays moist. This means your plants can grow strong and healthy from the very beginning.

Propagate Clones with Ease

If you prefer to propagate your plants with clones, the Super Sprouter® Propagation Trays are ideal. These trays are compatible with rock wool, seedling mix or starter plugs, and are available with or without holes to accommodate any growing method. With the right humidity and temperature, your clones will thrive in these trays.

Keep Excess Water in Check

The Super Sprouter® Propagation Trays are designed to prevent excess water buildup, which can be detrimental to your plants. The trays without holes are perfect for catching excess water, while the trays with holes are ideal for draining off excess water. With these trays, you can rest assured that your plants will not be overwatered.

Use with Any Propagation Method

Whether you're using rock wool, seedling mix, or starter plugs, the Super Sprouter® Propagation Trays are compatible with any propagation method. These trays are also versatile enough to accommodate any type of plant, from flowers to vegetables to herbs.

Reap the Benefits of Healthy Plants

By using the Super Sprouter® Propagation Trays, you can enjoy the benefits of healthy plants. With proper propagation, your plants will grow strong, produce high yields, and resist diseases and pests. Start your plants off on the right foot with Super Sprouter® Propagation Trays.

Choose the Super Sprouter® Propagation Trays for successful propagation and healthy plants. Order now and see the results for yourself.

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