Ez-Clone Rooting Compound Gel 8 Oz (Case of 12)

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Revitalize Your Garden with EZ-Clone® Rooting Compound - The Ultimate Solution for Successful Propagation!

Unlock the Power of Root Development

EZ-Clone® Rooting Compound is a specially formulated gel that is designed to provide your cuttings with all the essential nutrients and hormones they need to grow strong and healthy roots. Whether you're using the EZ-Clone® Cloning Systems or any other form of propagation, this powerful gel is guaranteed to give your plants the boost they need to thrive.

Experience Optimal Results with a Unique Formula

Our cutting-edge formula was designed specifically for the EZ-Clone® Cloning Systems, but it works great with all forms of propagation. Packed with a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and hormones, EZ-Clone® Rooting Compound is the secret weapon that your garden has been missing.

Easy to Use and Affordable

EZ-Clone® Rooting Compound is incredibly easy to use, and it's affordable too! With just a few simple steps, you'll be able to give your cuttings the best chance of success. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, you'll appreciate how easy it is to use EZ-Clone® Rooting Compound.

Best results for all types of plants

EZ-Clone® Rooting Compound is suitable for all types of plants, so you can use it no matter what you're trying to grow. Whether you're working with delicate flowers, sturdy shrubs, or leafy greens, EZ-Clone® Rooting Compound is the perfect solution for successful propagation.

Order now and see the results yourself!

Don't wait any longer, order your EZ-Clone® Rooting Compound today and experience the power of successful propagation! With our easy-to-use, affordable and specially formulated gel, your cuttings will have the best chance of success. Order now and see the results for yourself!"

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