Turboklone T48 Klone Machine

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Efficient Plant Propagation with the TurboKlone T48 Klone Machine

The TurboKlone T48 Klone Machine is an innovative solution for propagating a wide variety of plants aeroponically, without the need for soil or other growing mediums.

48 Clone Sites

The system features 48 clone sites that allow your plant cuttings to be suspended inside the TurboKlone, where multiple spray jets send a continuous mist of nutrient-rich water solution to the clone roots, promoting the development of a healthy, robust root structure.

Healthy Root Development

TurboKlones design helps decrease root damage from pests and disease, so your plants can grow healthier.

Patented fan technology

The patented fan technology helps to keep the unit cool, combating high temperatures that can kill roots all while keeping harmful bacteria at bay.

Available with or without humidity dome

Available with or without the humidity dome, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for your plants.

Your First Step to Successful Plant Propagation

The TurboKlone is your first step in successful plant propagation, ensuring that your plants get off to a healthy start.

Take the first step towards efficient plant propagation with the TurboKlone T48 Klone Machine. With 48 clone sites, healthy root development, and patented fan technology, this innovative system is a must-have for any gardener or farmer. Order now and start seeing the benefits of aeroponic propagation for yourself.

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