Turboklone Elite 144 Klone Machine W/ Humidity Dome

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The Perfect Propagation System for Serious Growers

Commercial-Level Propagation System

The TurboKlone Elite 144 Klone Machine is a top-of-the-line propagation system designed for serious growers. With a grey ABS plastic shell, this machine has less heat absorption from overhead lights and greater reflective properties to encourage efficient growth.

Numeric Lid for Easy Categorization

The Elite Klone Machine has an alpha/numeric lid, which allows you to easily categorize different plant species. Additionally, it comes with colored Klone collars that you can use to visually differentiate plant species using a color-coded pattern of your choice.

Larger Fan for Improved Oxygenation

To improve oxygenation and cooling in the grow chamber, the Elite Klone Machine features a larger fan. This helps to introduce more oxygen and maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels.

Optional Humidity Dome with Integrated Vents

For added control over the growing environment, the Elite Klone Machine includes an optional humidity dome with integrated vents. This allows you to adjust the humidity level within the dome to suit the needs of your plants.

Improve Your Propagation Process with the TurboKlone Elite 144 Klone Machine

Take your propagation efforts to the next level with the TurboKlone Elite 144 Klone Machine. With its commercial-grade design and advanced features, this machine is perfect for serious growers looking to optimize their plant-growing process. Order yours today and see the difference it can make for your plants!

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