Actinovate L & G - National Label 18 Oz

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Actinovate® L & G Fungicide: The Natural Solution

Looking for an environmentally friendly and safe solution to control harmful diseases on your plants? Actinovate® L & G Fungicide is the answer! Containing a high concentration of a patented beneficial microorganism, this natural product effectively suppresses and controls a wide range of foliar and root diseases on vegetables, flowers, fruits, trees, and shrubs.

How Actinovate® L & G Works
Actinovate® L & G works by growing on the plant's roots and leaves, living off the plant's by-products while attacking harmful disease-causing pathogens. This natural fungicide is safe for pets and the environment, and is 100% water-soluble, making it easy to use with your existing feeding regimen.

Effective Against against a Wide Range of Plant Diseases
Actinovate® L & G is effective in controlling pythium, phytophthora, rhizoctonia, fusarium, and other root diseases, as well as foliar diseases such as mildew, grey mold, leaf spots, black spot, and rust. Keep your plants healthy and thriving with this natural solution.

EPA Registration and Expiration Date
Actinovate® L & G Fungicide is registered with the EPA, with registration numbers HGC721506 and 524-641. This product has an expiration date of 12 months from the date of purchase, so be sure to use it before it expires for optimal results.

Try Actinovate® L & G Fungicide Today!
Don't let harmful diseases ruin your plants. Try Actinovate® L & G Fungicide today and see the difference it can make! This natural solution is safe for pets, the environment, and your plants, so you can use it with confidence. Order now and see the benefits of Actinovate® L & G for yourself!

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