Grodan Macroplug Round W/ Slit (50/Bag) (35 Bags/Cs)

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The Perfect Solution for Plant Propagation: Grodan Stonewool MacroPlugs

Looking for an easy and effective way to propagate your plants? Look no further than Grodan's Stonewool MacroPlugs! These 1.5 inch rounds are designed with a convenient slit, making it easy to insert your cuttings.

Easy Insertion for Optimal Plant Growth

Not only are these MacroPlugs easy to use, they are also designed to fit perfectly into Gro-Block holes. This ensures that your cuttings have the support they need to grow and thrive.

Individual Cells for Secure Planting

For best results, we recommend planting your MacroPlugs in a tray with individual cells. This helps to keep the plug closed around the stem of your cutting, providing the stability it needs as it grows.

Experience the Benefits of Stonewool

Grodan's MacroPlugs are made of stonewool, a unique growing material that has been shown to have numerous benefits for plants. It is able to retain water and nutrients, promoting healthy root development and faster growth.

Try Grodan Stonewool MacroPlugs Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your plants the best start possible. Try Grodan's Stonewool MacroPlugs today and experience the benefits for yourself. Your plants will thank you!

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