Royal Gold Kings Mix 1.76CF (Pallet of 65)

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Royal Gold King's Mix: The Ultimate Plant Solution for Every Garden

Discover the unparalleled simplicity and functionality of Royal Gold King's Mix, the all-in-one plant-in-bag solution designed to cater to light deprivation, greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor gardens of all types. Crafted with a vision for easy application and optimal performance, King's Mix is a well-aerated coco peat blend that meets the needs of traditional peat gardeners, coco enthusiasts, and those seeking simplicity in cultivation.

Balanced Aeration and Water Retention

King's Mix combines the benefits of coco peat with the addition of coco chips (croutons), striking the perfect balance between aeration and water retention. This unique blend ensures quick drying while maintaining ample moisture for your plants' needs. Say goodbye to overwatering concerns and welcome a medium that supports optimal root development and vigorous growth.

Ready for Immediate Feeding

Designed for your convenience, King's Mix is formulated to accept immediate feeding. With a light amendment charge, including high-quality bat guanos rich in nitrogen and phosphorous, as well as a blend of other premium dry amendments, this mix provides your plants with essential nutrients for sustained growth and vitality. Start your feeding program right out of the bag or customize it to suit your specific requirements.

Versatile Applications for Every Season

King's Mix excels in various gardening scenarios. Its well-aerated nature makes it ideal for slow-drying environments, coastal and high-elevation regions, and spring or fall plantings. Whether you're facing cool weather challenges or specific climatic conditions, King's Mix adapts effortlessly, ensuring optimal plant health and performance.

Boost Root Development and Propagation

Experience the exceptional root development capabilities of King's Mix. Perfect for seed propagation and starts, this blend provides the ideal environment to nurture seeds and young plants into vigorous, bloom-ready specimens. Unlock the potential of your starts and witness robust growth and thriving root systems.

Your Complete Garden Solution

Royal Gold King's Mix is your comprehensive garden solution. With its well-balanced composition, nutrient-rich amendments, and versatile characteristics, it sustains your plants for 1-2 weeks while offering the flexibility to implement a wide range of feeding programs. Experience the ease, efficiency, and superior results that King's Mix brings to your garden.

Elevate your gardening experience with Royal Gold King's Mix. Whether you're a seasoned grower, a coco enthusiast, or a traditional peat gardener, this versatile blend caters to all styles and preferences. Nurture your plants from propagation to harvest, enjoy enhanced root development, and achieve remarkable growth and bloom-ready plants. Don't miss out on the ultimate plant solution.

Order your bag of Royal Gold King's Mix today and revolutionize your garden.

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