Premier Pro-Mix HP Mycorrhizae 3.8 cu ft (Pallet of 30)

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The Perfect Growing Medium for Water-Sensitive Crops

High-Porosity, Peat-Based Formula
Pro-Mix® HP Mycorrhizae™ is a high-porosity, peat-based growing medium that is perfect for water-sensitive crops, root cuttings, and low-light growing conditions. It is specially formulated to ensure optimal growth and healthy plant development.

Ideal for High Air Capacity and Extra Drainage
The unique formula of Pro-Mix® HP Mycorrhizae™ is designed to provide high air capacity and extra drainage, making it ideal for plants that require these conditions to thrive. Whether you're growing ornamental plants, fruit crops, or vegetable transplants, this growing medium is sure to support their growth and success.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Plant Species
Pro-Mix® HP Mycorrhizae™ is compatible with a wide range of plant species, including Cannabis plants, fruit crops, and most vegetable transplants. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or new to growing, this growing medium is sure to meet your needs.

Contains Essential Ingredients for Optimal Plant Growth
In addition to Canadian sphagnum peat moss, horticultural-grade perlite, and pH adjusters, Pro-Mix® HP Mycorrhizae™ also contains a wetting agent and mycorrhizae – endomycorrhizal fungi (glomus intraradices) – to help ensure optimal plant growth.

Take the first step towards healthier, more successful plants with Pro-Mix® HP Mycorrhizae™. Order now and discover the benefits of this high-quality growing medium.

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