Premier Pro-Mix HP-CC Mycorrhizae 3.8 cu ft (Pallet of 30)

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The Ultimate Growing Medium for Water-Sensitive Crops

Pro-Mix HPCC Mycorrhizae™ is a specially formulated peat-based growing medium that is perfect for water-sensitive crops, root cuttings, and low-light growing conditions. Its high-porosity and lightweight design ensure maximum air capacity and drainage, helping to promote healthy plant growth.

Key Benefits of Using Pro-Mix HPCC Mycorrhizae™

  • Provides optimal growth conditions for water-sensitive crops
  • Ensures extra drainage to prevent overwatering
  • Ideal for root cuttings and low-light growing conditions
  • Lightweight and high-porosity design promotes healthy plant growth

High-Quality Ingredients for Maximum Results

Pro-Mix HPCC Mycorrhizae™ is made with chunk coir, a natural and sustainable material that helps to retain moisture and nutrients in the soil. This ensures that your plants receive the optimal growing conditions they need to thrive.

Grow Strong, Healthy Plants with Pro-Mix HPCC Mycorrhizae™

Whether you're growing vegetables, herbs, or flowers, Pro-Mix HPCC Mycorrhizae™ is the perfect choice for ensuring healthy plant growth. Its unique blend of high-quality ingredients and specially formulated design makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of growing conditions.

Try Pro-Mix HPCC Mycorrhizae™ Today and Experience the Difference

If you want to grow strong, healthy plants that thrive in a variety of growing conditions, give Pro-Mix HPCC Mycorrhizae™ a try. 

Don't miss out on the benefits of Pro-Mix HPCC Mycorrhizae™. 

Order now and start growing healthy, vibrant plants today!

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