Botanicare Progro MP4 Mix Bale OK 3.8Cf (30/Plt)

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4 Species of Mycorrhizae for Enhanced Plant Protection

Botanicare ProGro MP4 Mix combines four species of mycorrhizae, which help protect plants against abiotic stress through improved nutrient and water uptake. This unique blend promotes healthy plant growth and improved resistance to stress.

Exceptional Peat Mix for Optimal Drainage and Moisture Retention

In addition to the beneficial mycorrhizae, the ProGro MP4 Mix also includes an exceptional peat mix that is specially formulated to balance drainage and moisture retention. This ensures consistent, successful growth for your plants, season after season.

World-Class Expertise in Peat Testing

At Botanicare, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. That's why we apply our expertise in peat testing to every step of the process, from bog preparation to the delivery of our final mix. This ensures that only the finest peat particles, which promote high porosity and support healthy plant growth, are included in our ProGro MP4 Mix.

Unlock the True Potential of Your Plants

Don't let abiotic stress hold your plants back. Choose the ProGro MP4 Mix from Botanicare and give your plants the support they need to thrive. With its unique blend of mycorrhizae and exceptional peat mix, this product is sure to help you unlock the full potential of your plants.

Take the first step towards healthier, more successful plant growth with Botanicare ProGro MP4 Mix. Order now and discover the benefits for yourself!

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