Xtreme Gardening Azos 6 Oz (Case of 12)

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Xtreme Gardening® Azos: The Beneficial Microbe for Boosting Plant Growth

What is Azos?

Azos is a special type of microbe that stimulates new root development and helps plants grow faster. It does this by increasing the production of IAA, a natural plant hormone that affects cell division, growth rates, and plant and root development.

How Does Azos Work?

Azos works by converting atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use. This helps to feed and fuel the growth of plants, especially in hydroponic systems.

What Can Azos Do for My Plants?

If you want to root new cuttings quickly and naturally, or kick-start the growth of transplants, Azos can help. It's also a great addition to hydroponic reservoirs to promote abundant growth. And because it can be used with any nutrient line, it's a versatile and effective choice for any gardener.

How Do I Use Azos?

Using Azos is easy. Simply add it to your watering can or hydroponic reservoir according to the instructions on the label. You'll start seeing results in no time!

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