Hydrodynamics Ionic Pk Boost Quart (Case of 12)

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Unlock Larger Yields with HydroDynamics™ Ionic® PK Boost

Are you looking for a nutrient supplement that can enhance the size and quantity of your fruit and vegetable harvests? Look no further than HydroDynamics' Ionic® PK Boost! This 0-5-6 nutrient formula is specifically designed for the final weeks before harvest, providing plants with crucial levels of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) for optimal fruiting and flowering.

Compatibility with Most Liquid Bloom Nutrients

Ionic® PK Boost works in conjunction with HydroDynamics' Ionic® Bloom products, but it is also compatible with a wide range of other liquid bloom nutrients. This versatility makes it a great choice for gardeners who prefer to use a specific brand of nutrients.

Instant Accessibility to Plants

Ionic® PK Boost delivers P and K in a pure form that is immediately accessible to plants. These minerals are essential for plant growth and reproduction, and extra levels provided by Ionic® PK Boost can lead to bigger flowers and a significant increase in fruit and vegetable yields.

Boost Your Harvest Yields with Ionic® PK Boost

If you want to maximize the size and quantity of your fruit and vegetable harvests, give HydroDynamics' Ionic® PK Boost a try. With its compatibility with a wide range of liquid bloom nutrients and its ability to deliver P and K in a pure form that is immediately accessible to plants, it is the key to a bountiful harvest! So why wait? Order your bottle today and unlock the full potential of your plants!

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