GH Ripen Quart (Case of 12)

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Boost Flower and Fruit Production with General Hydroponics® Ripen® 0.5 - 7 - 6

General Hydroponics® Ripen® 0.5-7-6 is a liquid nutrient that promotes increased and abundant flowering with greater oil and fragrance production. It is highly concentrated and provides the macronutrients that are primarily responsible for flower and fruit growth.

Boost flower and fruit production

Ripen® is specifically engineered and developed to provide essential macronutrients to your high-value crops life, helping to boost flower and fruit production.

Increased oil and fragrance production

Ripen® promotes increased and abundant flowering with greater oil and fragrance production, making it an ideal choice for high-value crops.

Concentrated liquid nutrient

Ripen® is a highly concentrated liquid nutrient, providing your plants with the essential macronutrients they need for flower and fruit growth.

Final stage

Use Ripen® during the final one-to-two weeks of your plants' life cycle to promote robust flower and fruit production.

Invest in your plants

Think of Ripen® as an investment in your plants, it will help your plants to produce abundant flowers and fruits, and increase the oil and fragrance production.

Order your General Hydroponics® Ripen® 0.5 - 7 - 6 today and start boosting your flower and fruit production.

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