Down To Earth Crab Meal - 40 Lb

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Boost Your Soil Health with Down To Earth™ Crab Meal

Down To Earth™ Crab Meal is a premium source of organic nutrients that can help you achieve a thriving vegetable garden or flower bed. It is an excellent soil amendment that can promote soil tilth and enhance beneficial soil microorganism populations.

Rich in Organic Nutrients

Crab Meal is an organic fertilizer with a 4-3-0 NPK analysis, making it an excellent source of essential plant nutrients. It contains high levels of calcium and chitin, which support plant growth and development. The slow-release formula of Crab Meal ensures a steady supply of nutrients to your plants throughout the growing season.

Promotes Soil Health

In addition to providing essential plant nutrients, Crab Meal is also beneficial for soil health. It enhances soil tilth, improves soil structure, and increases water-holding capacity. The chitin content in Crab Meal stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, which in turn can help improve plant growth and reduce the risk of soil-borne diseases.

Ideal Compost Bio-Activator

Crab Meal can also be used as an incredible compost bio-activator. Its high nitrogen content can help accelerate the composting process, resulting in a rich and nutrient-dense compost that can help boost your soil health and plant growth.

Easy to Use

Down To Earth™ Crab Meal is easy to use. Simply mix it into the soil around the plants or broadcast it over the garden bed. It can also be used as a top dressing or added to your compost pile to enhance its nutrient content.

Organic and Sustainable

Our Crab Meal is sourced from sustainable fisheries and is OMRI-listed for organic use. It is a safe and environmentally friendly option for gardeners who want to grow healthy and nutritious plants without relying on synthetic fertilizers.

Boost your soil health and promote plant growth with Down To Earth™ Crab Meal. Try it today and see the difference it can make in your garden.

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