Hyper-Logic Pre-Treatment Chemical Injection System #1 Pump Tube (Pack of 2)

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Keep Your HyperLogic System Running Smoothly with HyperLogic Replacement Parts

Ensure your HyperLogic chemical injection system continues to operate at its best with the HyperLogic replacement parts pack, designed specifically for Stenner Classic Series chemical injectors.

Improve Your RO System's Efficiency

Optimize your commercial, industrial, or heavy-industrial series reverse osmosis (RO) system's performance by using the HyperLogic replacement parts pack. These parts can be used for anti-scalant, acid, or chlorine injection, and help prevent scale buildup and equipment damage.

Yearly Replacement for Optimal Performance

As part of your standard operating procedure for HyperLogic system maintenance, it's recommended to replace the pump tubes, duckbill valve, and ferrules yearly. This ensures that your chemical injection system continues to run smoothly, preventing downtime and costly repairs.

Compatible with Stenner Classic Series Injectors

The HyperLogic replacement parts pack is specifically designed to work with Stenner Classic Series chemical injectors, ensuring proper fit and functionality. Please consult the Stenner Owners manual for further details on operation and maintenance.

High-Quality Construction

The pump tubes, duckbill valve, and ferrules included in the HyperLogic replacement parts pack are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Trust in HyperLogic to provide reliable and efficient replacement parts for your chemical injection system.

Order Your HyperLogic Replacement Parts Pack Today

Don't wait until it's too late - order your HyperLogic replacement parts pack today and keep your chemical injection system running smoothly. With easy installation and reliable performance, you can trust HyperLogic to keep your RO system operating at its best.

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