Jain Irrigation Octa-Bubbler 2 GPH Per Outlet - Blue Low Flow Bubbler (Bag of 10)

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Jain Irrigation Octa-Bubbler® - Precise and Efficient Water Distribution for Your Garden

The Jain Irrigation Octa-Bubbler® is a pressure compensating device that delivers water to multiple locations in your garden with precision and efficiency. With its 8 swivel port outlets and built-in backflow prevention, this device is perfect for both residential and commercial gardens.

Pressure Compensating Technology for Consistent Watering

Content: The Jain Irrigation Octa-Bubbler® is equipped with pressure compensating technology that ensures consistent watering across all 8 swivel port outlets. Whether you're watering a small vegetable patch or a large commercial garden, you can trust that the Octa-Bubbler® will deliver water with precision and efficiency.

High-Quality Construction for Long-Term Durability

Content: The Octa-Bubbler® is constructed using high-quality ABS plastic that is built to last. This durable material ensures that the device can withstand the harsh outdoor environment and continue to function optimally for years to come.

Backflow Prevention for Added Protection

Content: The Octa-Bubbler® is designed with built-in backflow prevention, which helps protect your water supply from contamination. This added protection ensures that your garden stays healthy and free from harmful bacteria.

Multiple Flow Rate Options for Versatile Watering

Content: The Octa-Bubbler® is available in multiple flow rate options, including 2 GPH, 6 GPH, and 10 GPH. Additionally, with the use of a flow control device, the Octa-Bubbler® can achieve a flow rate of up to 20 GPH. This versatility allows you to customize your watering based on your garden's specific needs.

Order Your Jain Irrigation Octa-Bubbler® Today

Content: If you want to ensure precise and efficient water distribution in your garden, then the Jain Irrigation Octa-Bubbler® is the perfect choice. With its pressure compensating technology, high-quality construction, backflow prevention, and versatile flow rate options, this device is a must-have for any garden. 

Order your Jain Irrigation Octa-Bubbler® today and experience the benefits of precise and efficient watering for your garden.

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