Galcon Six Station Indoor Irrigation, Misting And Propagation Controller - 8056S (Ac-6S)

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Automate Your Irrigation System with Galcon 4 & 6 Station Indoor Controllers

Take your irrigation system to the next level with Galcon's 4 & 6 station indoor controllers. Designed for municipal gardening, greenhouses, nurseries, and large lawns, these controllers are easy-to-use, water-saving, and come packed with features.

Programmable Control of Up to 6 Valves

The Galcon 4 & 6 Station Indoor Irrigation Controllers allow you to operate up to 4 or 6 control valves (depending on the model) with the ability to operate two valves simultaneously. The easy-to-program LCD screen offers independent programming of each valve, making it easy to set up and manage your irrigation system.

Water Conservation with Soil Moisture Sensor

These controllers can also designate valve use with a soil moisture sensor, making it easy to conserve water. You can save water by using only the amount of water necessary to keep your plants healthy.

Multiple Features for Enhanced Functionality

The Galcon 4 & 6 Station Indoor Irrigation Controllers include monthly water budgeting, rain delay, auto-restart, and identification of short circuits in the system. The cyclical mode and multi-function valve programming make it easy to customize your irrigation system to your unique needs.

Reliable and Convenient Power Options

This model includes a 120V AC/24V AC power transformer and a 9V battery backup, ensuring that your irrigation system runs even during power outages.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Galcon 4 & 6 Station Indoor Irrigation Controllers are easy to use, program and maintain. With an intuitive interface, you can set up your irrigation system quickly and get back to your other tasks.

Take control of your irrigation system with Galcon 4 & 6 Station Indoor Irrigation Controllers. Get started today and enjoy water-saving features, enhanced functionality, and reliable performance.

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