Dilution Solutions Flow Restrictors - 3/4 In [Fr34-14Gpm]

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Improve Your Dosatron Unit with Dilution Solutions Flow Restrictors

Ensure safe and accurate liquid flow with Dilution Solutions Flow Restrictors for your Dosatron unit.

Prevent Overflows and Ensure Accuracy

The Dilution Solutions Flow Restrictors are essential for regulating the flow of liquid in your Dosatron unit, preventing overflows and ensuring accurate dosing. It is recommended to install a flow restrictor on the inlet side of the Dosatron unit to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Maximize Efficiency with High-Quality Materials

Made of high-quality PVC, the flow restrictors are durable and designed for long-lasting performance. They can withstand high flow rates of up to 14 GPM, providing reliable and consistent results for your dosing needs.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

The flow restrictors are designed for easy installation and are compatible with all Dosatron units. With a 3/4 in female NPT connection, they can be easily connected to your Dosatron unit and integrated into your system.

Optimize Your Dosing System

By ensuring accurate dosing and preventing overflows, the Dilution Solutions Flow Restrictors can help optimize your dosing system, saving you time and money. With improved efficiency and reliability, you can achieve better results and maximize the potential of your Dosatron unit.

Take Control of Your Dosing

With the Dilution Solutions Flow Restrictors, you can take control of your dosing system and achieve accurate and consistent results every time. Ensure safe and efficient operation and optimize your dosing system with this essential accessory for your Dosatron unit.

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