Dab E.Sybox Mini 3 Electronic Water Pressure System

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Boost Your Water Pressure with the E.SYBOX Mini 3

Compact and Quiet Design 

The E.SYBOX Mini 3 is a compact booster pump that's about 30% smaller than traditional pump and controller systems, making it easy to install in any space. At just 45dB, it operates quietly, so you won't even know it's there.

Energy-Efficient Operation 

The E.SYBOX Mini 3 only uses the power necessary to provide the pressure and flow needed, making it highly energy-efficient. With the ability to move around 22 gallons per minute of water, it can effectively meet the needs of your hydro pump system.

Vertical or Horizontal Mounting 

The E.SYBOX Mini 3 can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs and space requirements. This flexibility makes it easy to install in any location.

Wireless Communication System 

If multiple E.SYBOX units are in use, an integrated wireless communication system allows the units to communicate with each other for easy monitoring.

Solve Your Water Pressure Issues 

E.SYBOX by DAB solves the problem of maintaining consistent, constant water pressure in your hydro pump system, whether it's across several rooms, installations, or in an elevated area.

Don't let poor water pressure hold you back. Upgrade to the E.SYBOX Mini 3 and enjoy consistent, powerful water flow in every room of your home. Order yours today!

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