Centurionpro Dry Batch Trimmer - Model 3 W/ Speed Control (50 Lbs/Hr)

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CenturionPro® Dry Batch Trimmer Model 3 - Streamline Your Harvest with Soft Tumble Technology

High-Capacity Dry Trimming

With up to 50 pounds per hour of dry weight trimming capacity, the DBT Model 3 is ideal for medium to large harvests looking to streamline processes while safeguarding standards.

Soft Tumbler Technology

The CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmers produce a hand-trimmed quality without the use of a blower suction system or lubricants. With soft tumble technology, the DBT applies the perfect cut every time regardless of flower size, shape, or density.

Variable Speed Control

The DBT Model 3 is equipped with variable speed control, which enhances versatility and allows the user to adjust the speed according to the flower size, shape, or density.

No Blower Suction or Lubricants Needed

With the Soft Tumbler Technology, the DBT Model 3 does not require any blower suction system or lubricants. This eliminates the need for additional equipment and maintenance, making it more convenient and cost-effective.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

The DBT Model 3 is designed to meet industry standards and exceed expectations. CenturionPro's manufacturing process ensures compliance and quality assurance, giving users peace of mind that they are using a high-quality product that meets industry standards.

Order Today and Streamline Your Harvest

Upgrade your dry trimming process with the CenturionPro® Dry Batch Trimmer Model 3. With its high-capacity, soft tumbler technology, variable speed control, and compliance assurance, it's sure to streamline your harvest and meet your standards.

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