Centurion Pro Gladiator Trimmer

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Revolutionize Your Harvesting Process with the CenturionPro® Gladiator Trimmer (Stainless Steel Tumblers)

Efficiency Meets Quality

  • The CenturionPro® Gladiator is one of the highest-capacity trimmers on the market, capable of processing up to 25 lbs dry (125 lbs wet) per hour.
  • Save time and labor costs by replacing the work of over 100 human trimmers with this industrial-grade machine.

Versatility for Wet or Dry Flowers

  • The Gladiator is designed to handle both wet and dry flowers with ease.
  • Maximize your harvest and expand your capabilities with this multi-purpose trimmer.

Unique Double Tumbler Technology

  • The side-by-side double tumbler design sets the Gladiator apart from other trimmers on the market.
  • Experience a more efficient and effective trimming process with this innovative feature.

Extra-Large Hopper and Leaf Collector System

  • The Gladiator comes equipped with an extra-large hopper and a powerful 4 HP leaf collector system.
  • Streamline your trimming process and minimize waste with these convenient features.

Triple-Bag Kief Filtration and Trim Collection System

  • The unique triple-bag system of the Gladiator ensures maximum efficiency and quality in your trim collection and kief filtration.
  • Keep your operation running smoothly and produce top-quality products with this advanced feature.

High-Quality Tool Kit Included

  • When you purchase the CenturionPro® Gladiator, you'll also receive a comprehensive tool kit to help you get started.
  • Get everything you need to start using your new trimmer right out of the box.

Ready to Upgrade Your Harvesting Process?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your commercial operation with the CenturionPro® Gladiator Trimmer.

Centurion Pro
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