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Centurionpro Tandem 2 Rail System - Original

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CenturionPro® Tandem 2 & 3 Machine Rail Systems - Increase Production and Profitability

Connect CenturionPro Trimmers

The CenturionPro Rail Systems enable growers to connect CenturionPro trimmers end-to-end, increasing production and profitability. This innovative solution allows multiple machines to be controlled by a single user, streamlining the harvesting process for improved profitability.

Increased Power and Precision

Connecting trimmers delivers unrivaled power and precision, with growers empowered to better match throughput to grow size and increase capacity as they expand.

Feed Rate Scales Up Exponentially

When connected end-to-end using Rail Systems, the feed rate of the CenturionPro trimmers scales up exponentially, allowing you to maximize your production.

Adjustable Height

The 2 and 3 machine Rail Systems for the Mini and Original both use a manual locking knob to adjust the height, while the Rail Systems for the Gladiator and 3.0 both use a mechanical jack, which elevates your trimming system to the desired height.


The Tandem 2 & 3 Machine Rail Systems are compatible with different models of CenturionPro trimmers, including the Mini, Original, Gladiator, and 3.0, providing a versatile solution for any grower.

Increase your production and profitability with the CenturionPro Tandem 2 & 3 Machine Rail Systems. Connect CenturionPro trimmers for increased power and precision, and maximize your production by connecting multiple machines. 

Order yours now and experience the efficiency of the CenturionPro Tandem 2 & 3 Machine Rail Systems.

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