Harvest Keeper Bhudz Bag - Large 24 In X 40 In (50 Bags/Box)

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Preserve Your Harvest with Harvest Keeper™ Bhudz Bags

Harvest Keeper™ Bhudz Bags are the ultimate solution for preserving your plants, fruits, vegetables, and other high-value crops during short-term curing and transportation. With their six-layer construction, these bags are specifically designed to cater to the needs of aroma-rich, terpene-packed plants like cannabis and herbs, ensuring that they stay fresh and potent long after they have been picked.

The Next Evolution in Packaging

With Harvest Keeper™ Bhudz Bags, you get the latest innovation in packaging technology. These bags are crafted intentionally to provide the highest level of protection and preservation for your plants, ensuring that they retain their weight, potency, and appearance while you prepare them for the next step.

Superior Preservation with Six Layers

The six-layer construction of Bhudz Bags is what sets them apart from other storage bags. Each layer is carefully selected to serve a distinct purpose, from diffusing oxygen and excess water vapor to protecting against harmful UV rays, ensuring maximum puncture-resistance, and containing the aroma of your crop.

Oxygen & Humidity Layers

The oxygen and humidity layers work together to slow down the respiration process of your plants while in storage. By diffusing oxygen and excess water vapor out, they prevent oxidation, ensuring that mold cannot grow, and your plants retain their weight and potency.

UV Layer

The UV layer is critical for preventing degradation of your crops. It blocks harmful rays from breaking down your plant's organic matter, thus preventing loss of potency during long-term storage.

Durability & Odor Layers with Anti-Static Properties

The durability and odor layers provide maximum puncture-resistance during packaging and transport, while ensuring that the smell of your crop is contained until it's time to unpack some serious aroma. Additionally, the anti-static layer ensures that your trichomes stay put and terpenes stay intact, thus preserving the potency of your plants.

Don't settle for subpar storage solutions. Try Harvest Keeper™ Bhudz Bags today and experience the ultimate preservation for your plants and high-value crops. Order now and elevate your storage game to the next level!

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